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How Much Does A Surveyor Make

When you consider land surveyor as your future career, How Much Does a Surveyor Make must come to your mind. Working is about how you make money so how much you can earn from the job must be very important for you. The earning should be able to give you a proper life, at the very least. Then, it would give you the vision of how your future would be. It would be nice if you can have bright future.

How Much Does A Surveyor Make

How Much Does A Surveyor Make

Similar with other jobs, there is nothing certain about how much you can get from a job. Different sector, different company, different location, different job description, and so much more factors may influence the number. Even your ability to make a deal could determine how much you can get from the job. Yet, you still need to know what to expect from the job. For How Much Does a Surveyor Make, we could see the average number or something in range as your guidance.


The salary of a surveyor could be considered nice and could be awesome. In most countries, a surveyor is demanding and honored job that make the value go high. This job requires special knowledge, skills, and hard work. A complicated job that requires you to work in the field, sometime dangerous fields make people could pay high. Therefore, you can expect a lot payment from this job.


In United State, even the starting salary for surveying technicians with 2-year degree is $35,000 annually. For a surveyor, the starting salary is $44,000 annually. The salary could grow fast with experiences. In just a few years, a surveyor could earn around $68,000 annually. The salary could grow high with specialization and so much higher once the surveyor could own a firm. The salary may reach six digits for the owner of a firm.


In United Kingdom, average salary for geomatics professional is around £41,000. In the starting level, the surveyor could get around £20,000 to £25,000. An experienced surveyor will get more than that and when surveyor gets chartered status, they can earn up to £45,000. In senior level and with partnership responsibilities, the salary could fly high up to £70,000.

How Much Does A Surveyor Make

How Much Does A Surveyor Make

Other Things to Expect

Besides salary, as a worker you can expect something more from the job such as allowances and other benefits. Depend on where you work and what is the job descriptions, something to expect from a surveyor job are in the following.


  • You will get the basic worker benefits such ad medical insurance, annual bonus, and more.
  • Surveyor could work longer hours to meet deadline. Therefore, overtime payment is something to be expected. For this, you need to make sure about how much you will get before you make decision. Beware that some company may not give overtime payment so you will work overtime without payment.
  • Surveyor commonly travels away from home to survey the field. You can expect to get transportation allowances such as car and petrol allowances for each travel you make. If you travel for days, expect daily allowances.
  • Sometime, overseas work is available whether on short-term basis or longer period. For this kind of work, overseas allowances are to be expected
  • Special bonuses could be given to some work or project.


Job Demands and Employers

How Much Does a Surveyor Make, the salary and other things to expect sound great. Then, the better thing about surveyor job is the high demand. Geomatics becomes fast expanding global markets because so many land areas are not yet surveyed and projects require land surveying for preparation of the job are increasing. The advance of technologies change the way we manage spatial data that require new survey. Then, the nature is continuously changing so new survey is require to get up-to-date and dependable data. Therefore, there would always be surveying works that requires capable surveyors. In many developed and developing countries, even fresh graduates are not hard to get surveying related job.


Employers for surveyor are wide range. Naturally, the opportunities could come from surveying and geomatics companies, mapping companies, government agencies, local authorities, and geophysics consultancy companies. The other sectors may also give opportunities for surveyor including engineering contractors, engineering consultancies, mining companies, heritage management companies, utilities companies, and construction companies.


Make Big and Bigger

When you want to make big, you need to choose big company and hot sector such as mining. If you choose to work for government, you need to expect something less. However, bigger salary is commonly linked to harder work and bigger responsibilities. Therefore, if you need higher payment, you need to prepare yourself with more knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you have more to offer, you can expect more to get. In addition, you need to work as hard as possible and continue improving yourself such as get specialization if you want to build your career.


Remember that an expert would be valued more and a senior would be honored. If you choose land surveyor as your job, you need to be consistent and focus with your work toward the career path you choose. There would be a lot of challenge ahead of you and various problems may appear one by one. Do not give up easily and continue work hard everyday. It would make you stronger, skilled, and gain more capabilities. Once you become an expert, you will start to gain the fruits of your hard work. After you make more connections and gain more responsibilities, you will love to enjoy the amazing life as a land surveyor.


Making your own firm is possible. If you want a better earning and a more comfortable work place, this is the answer. However, establish your own firm is not easy. You do not only need money to open the office but also need management skills, business skills, and a lot of connections. Demand for surveying jobs is high but to get them continuously is not easy because the competition between firms is fierce. Therefore, make a good calculation and analysis before you decide to open your own office. If you do not ready, just stay with making money as employed land surveyor.