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How to Become a Land Surveyor and What Skills are Needed

Do you want to know How to Become a Land Surveyor ? This job is a good choice for you who like a good balance of indoor and outdoor work. A land surveyor will work outdoor to survey the land and collect data. In the office, he will process the data for a report. This is such an interesting job, which requires you to work hard but also have fun by travelling to many places. It will ask you so much energy but the beauty of the land will recharge your body fully. If you have interest to land, the earth, and everything on the surface, this would become a very exciting job.

Land surveyor is also a demanding job. More and more companies in different sectors are requiring land surveying service for their business. Therefore, many new land surveying firms were established and the number is predicted to be increase in the future. Many land surveying firms are looking for new surveyors.

How to Become a Land Surveyor and What Skills are Needed

How to Become a Land Surveyor and What Skills are Needed

When we talk about a job, the compensation you get is commonly become the main consideration. About compensation, land surveyor is a promising job. This job offers nice salary and a good career. In US, the starting salary for land surveyor is around $35,000 annually. As you have more experience and specialization, you can earn more than $70,000 a year. As you fly higher and could make your own firm, six-figure salary is not impossible. Therefore, if you serious and focus while doing your land-surveying job, the future could be so bright for you.


Now, we back to the main topic, How to Become a Land Surveyor. If you interest with this job, you must want to know what you need to get the job from the education to the miscellaneous. You must think it would be difficult. Indeed, to become a professional land surveyor is not a simple thing, but it passable if you work hard. Remember that to have a promising job; you need to have something good to offer.


Unlike doctor or lawyer, which requires specific education, land surveyor could be from different disciplines. However, a minimum bachelor degree related to surveying and geomatics is preferable by employer. The other preferable degrees are including earth science, environmental science, civil engineering, geography, geographical information science, geology, mapping science, mathematic, and physical geography. Other degrees may also acceptable, especially with surveying course on the resume. If you already choose your mayor, which is not the preferable one, make sure you take surveying course to show your big interest in the surveying field.

How to Become a Land Surveyor and What Skills are Needed

How to Become a Land Surveyor and What Skills are Needed

After getting a good education, it does not mean you are ready to be a surveyor. You can use the degree for internship in a company. You can become surveyor assistant first or anything related to surveying job. Internship related to surveying is another requirement to become a land surveyor, apart of a degree. Please be very careful when choosing your internship. Land surveyor could work in different sectors from construction to offshore mining. It would be good if you could have your internship in the sector you like. It will make the job easier if you love it.


Yet again, this is not the end of the road. Once you finish your internship, you need to continue to the next step. The most important thing to become a professional land surveyor is a license to work. Most country in the world has a board of examiners to give license to a land surveyor. With a license, land surveyor could work on a certain area in the country.


Similar with other license, nothing is simple and easy to get one. There are requirements to be fulfilled and exam to be passed. You need to prepare yourself well to pass it.


After you get the license, you are ready to become a land surveyor. Be sure you continue to improve yourself with courses and anything that could increase your knowledge and skills. It would help you to build your career until you can make it to the top.


Important Skills to Demonstrate apart of Surveying Skills

Land surveying is a complex job, especially with the possibility of survey in the faraway places, more sector asks for surveying services, and development of technology by means of computerized equipment and latest software. To work as a land surveyor, you need to be able to demonstrate several important skills apart of surveying skills.


Land surveying is a hard job and many times, you need to go somewhere faraway with limited persons in the team. Since the team is limited, you must able to work independently. A problem could appear anytime when you least expected. Therefore, you need to have the ability to identify problems, capability to offer solution, and making decision fast. Then, you must be able to handle responsibility for what you decide to take.


A surveyor will meet a lot of people whether it is in the office or in the field. In addition, a surveyor must be able to make good reports. Therefore, a surveyor should have good communication skills, both oral and written. This skill requires a lot of practice. Therefore, do not be afraid to meet a lot of people and try to communicate with them politely. It will increase your value.


Since a surveyor will use computer and high tech equipment, you need to have general IT skills, knowledge of geographical information system, and CAD. You need to have accuracy when you using equipment and high levels of numeracy. Then, you also need to have the ability to conceptualize 2D and 3D information.


The skills written above are the common required skills and could be considered minimum skills to have. It could complete the answer for How to Become a Land Surveyor. However, it would be better if you can get more skills whether in technology, management, or other field that could support your surveying work. More skills you have, high value you would get. It could help you to improve your career as well. Hence, do not stop learning and practicing if you want to have a bright future as a land surveyor.