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How To Become A Surveyor

Clackamas County Surveyor can offer you a helping hand in dealing with a land surveying. How many times have you seen people regret their land or property buying and selling decisions? They did not know if the sold land could be priced higher or they just realized spending too much funds on an offered building. They could just turn this kind of unfortunate into something better if they knew about the importance of land surveying and hired a professional surveyor before.

How to Find Best Land Surveyor Near Me

How to Find Best Land Surveyor Near Me

What is Land Surveying?

Land surveying or just simply called surveying has been done since thousand years ago. It is one of the oldest jobs in the globe. As it still remains until now, land surveying is also very important to do in this modern era. So, what is exactly used for?


Buying a land or property has been known as one of great investment ideas in modern times. It is a big price to cover, however. Therefore, careful decision making is required to make the most of it. Surveying the land first can provide the needed information to determine whether the wanted property is worth or not. The practice will tell if the property is at safe area or a flood-prone one, the seller really tells the correct size of the offered building, etc. There are so many things to dig, depending on the survey type done.


Surveying is not only needed in development projects.  It also works to specify the boundaries and features of land, which plays essential role in determining the legal ownership. Depending on its needs the land surveying may be required because of the following situations:

  • Before buying a property
  • Before taking out a loan to finance a property
  • Before selling a parcel of land
  • Before giving out the property to the legal heirs
  • When a conflict arise upon the property uses
  • Before constructing or improvement project is done on the property
  • Accomplishing the authorities’ requirement, such as lawyer, architect, real estate agent and multiple planning office


Land Surveyors and What They Do

Surveying is actually a combination of science and art.  It is a complex work of land measurement and mapping, using mathematical techniques to provide accurate information needed before any project or decision made on the property. That is when the land surveyors take an action.


Land surveyors can be simply known as specialists who do the land surveying. You may have seen them often on the streets or empty land working with such of camera mounted on a yellow bright tripod. It looks like a fun job, but you won’t say so after knowing what the surveyors exactly do with their equipment.


It really takes time to complete a land survey, sometimes physical endurance as well. The surveyors are usually assigned anywhere and anytime, no matter the location and weather conditions. Some places even have to be reached by walking or climbing. Then, carrying the heavy surveying gear can be an obstacle.


In the field, land surveyors will use various types of latest technology, such as theodolites (robotic total stations), high order GPS, and aerial and terrestrial scanners. They have to gather as much as information about the land, including the previous surveys and boundaries lines.  Then, they will work with the equipment to take new survey to present its actual conditions and measurements. The collected data is processed using sophisticated software, providing the accurate reports needed by the next parties such as engineers, real estate agents, architects and developers.


Hire a Land Surveyor

Are you wondering whether it is possible to do DIY survey? You may see this work as a very interesting way to pass the time. It seems enough to get it done with the mathematical and computing skills. You can also find rental services providing the necessary equipment. Yes, you can do the survey by yourself.


DIY survey can save you a lot in cost. Unfortunately, it is a bad idea to use most of the time. Any result you get can’t be considered in any development project as it is not lawful. The job does not only need specific skills. It also requires legal licensing which makes the results accountable before the law. Therefore, you have let a professional surveyor survey your property.


Hiring land surveyors should be an easy matter to do as they can easily be found in every state. Take for example when you are looking for a Clackamas County Surveyor. You can directly check with the local government or use the public land record search website. But since you want to earn the best service with the paid good money, be sure to make careful searching.


Many people fall into dissatisfaction as they hire surveyors by price. It means you can’t rely on the quality of cost. When you really need the best assistance in surveying your land, keep these in mind:

  • Hire a professional land surveyor who has earned the license to perform land surveying services legally by state. Contact your state licensing board to get it confirmed.
  • Land surveyors are just like other professionals. They can just make a mistake during the work. Be sure that the one you hire has Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance is also important, especially if it is required in your state. Confirm that the surveyor has it before you use the surveying service.
  • Learn about the working experience. Not all of land surveyors are same. They usually have more specific area to concentrate with, depending on the surveying specialties. Take for example geodetic, cartography, cadastral, engineering, and hydrographic and oceanographic. Be sure you hire one who has the specific experience that suits to your surveying need.
  • Find out the surveyor’s point of view about continuing his study. Relying on experience only is not enough. The increasing development of technology and equipment should encourage him to adapt with the current situation by considering that the continuing study is very important.
  • A professional land surveyor should have good demeanor, shown how he treats his clients.
  • Experience and education also need to be should be supported by the use of advanced technology to provide the best service. Ask if the surveyor has and will use them.
  • Have a serious talk about the written contract. You must know if it mentions the services clearly and correctly, including the extents or outline and how the payment due become.
  • Spend time to walk with the surveyor when he is about to start his work. Besides helping him finding the actual land of yours, you will be able to observe the work yourself.


You should never neglect the importance of land surveying. The report can be legal evidence in case you have to deal with the controversial issue related to the land you own. That is why you have to hire a professional and licensed Clackamas County Surveyor who will act as an expert witness on your behalf on court