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Define Surveyor

When talking about the surveyor, many people misunderstand to define surveyor clearly. Most people understand that the surveyor is a person in charge of measuring the soil by using a tool such as a camera in a side street. In addition, surveyors can also be described as someone who conducts inspections and research when a prospective customer is applying for a loan at a leasing company. That understanding is not a wrong definition. However, the meaning and tasks of the surveyor is certainly not that simple. In fact, many people underestimate the work as a surveyor. In fact, when you understand the meaning and the tasks and responsibilities of the surveyor, you will see that a job as a surveyor is very important in a company for this role as the spearhead of the company’s success. Surveyors also play a huge role in the success or failure of a study.

Define Surveyor

Define Surveyor

Broadly speaking, the surveyor can be defined as companies or individual acting as a researcher on an object to ensure the conditions and the feasibility of the object to be involved in a project. Previously, the surveyor is often used as a term in the world is like the field of construction projects, mining, and more. However, at this time, surveyors can also be used for leasing and financial world such as insurance or otherwise. Any object of this activity, the surveyor has the same task that is as eye for the company to see objects as objects of work. Of course, to become a surveyor person should have the appropriate educational background and training.


If you want to define surveyor, you might have an idea that the surveyor is someone who sets official airspace, land and water boundaries. Surveyor certainly will not work because he or she will be involved in cooperation with engineers, architects, and land developers in developing a more comprehensive design document. The work as a surveyor not only includes an outdoor activity but also includes activity in the room, such as preparing legal documents and survey reports.


Of course, when you want to understand more about the surveyor, you should also understand the object and target are researched so that the understanding can be more reasonable and appropriate. Land surveyor will certainly differ with leasing surveyor or a marine surveyor although the duties and functions of surveyors in these areas are the same, namely to inspect, examine, and analyze which is then reported in a written form as the survey report. To provide more detailed of the surveyor definition, you can see the following explanation.



Define Surveyor

Define Surveyor

Land Surveyor

Land surveyors are generally tasked to plan, organize, and direct the activities of the survey. The task of a land surveyor, more specifically is to be involved in determining the precise location and the measurement point, the preparation of maps, survey land contours, or other things related. In his work, land surveyors must have attention to detail and method of making written records also accurate to provide precise information on the object that is being targeted. Of course, look at the duties and responsibilities that are owned by a surveyor, this work must have had a very important role in a development of the human environment. This profession is needed in the planning and execution in almost every construction job. Although the duties and role of the surveyor is quite important for the success of a project, there are still many people cannot define exactly surveyor.


In the world of land surveyors, devices and equipment used also undergone many developments and innovations which in olden times, a surveyor requires only a compass and a meter to perform the work. Now, there are varieties of devices that use more advanced technology be used to facilitate the work of the survey with higher accuracy. It also includes all activities in the other field survey such as water and air.


This type of work his own land surveyor there are different types. The first type is a survey of work where the limit is to determine land ownership boundaries or territories. Type the next job is deformation survey conducted to determine whether the structure or object change shape or movement. Next is a common engineering survey in construction work for road, rail, buildings, or other. The scope of the other survey work is in charge topographic surveys to measure and map the earth’s surface is presented in a collection of 3D coordinate points and can be depicted in the contour lines. You can also find a hydrographic survey, construction survey, and survey navigation that certainly have a different scope of work.


Marine Surveyor

Previously, you had a brief explanation about the land surveyor. This time, you will get a little discussion about marine surveyor. Marine surveyor is a person who performs work of a survey vessel and matters relating to the ship for the benefit of those who need services such as insurance companies, ship owners, and others. Usually this surveyor appointed by the insurance company along with the ship owner through broker companies that are as an intermediary between the two sides. Surveyor to work on behalf of an insurance company but in the execution of his duties, he was an independent neutral either to the insurer or owner. Furthermore, the surveyor will report the results of the survey were seen and found in the field to be submitted to the insurer. The survey reports will be used by insurers to respond to a claim filed by the owner.


Leasing Surveyor

When talking about leasing surveyor at the finance company, you will find there are four main tasks of a surveyor running in parallel, namely marketing officer, field observer, field credit analyst, and field collector.


Regardless what the target object and the work of surveyors, duties and functions of the surveyor is the same that as the eyes of the company to investigate, examine, and analyze that object. The success of a project company is also strongly influenced by the results of the field survey report. To become a surveyor should also not be arbitrary because the surveyor requires the provision of in-depth knowledge of formal education, training, or a variety of activities that support the activities of the survey. Moreover, look at the role of the surveyor were very important for the company, working, as a surveyor must also not a trivial job. However, when you are interested in becoming a surveyor, you should equip them with the knowledge and experience that will make you as a professional surveyor in the field that is you can acquire whether in the field of land, marine, leasing, or otherwise. Therefore, although to define surveyor looks simple, this work is apparently very important and crucial in a company project