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what does surveyor mean

Most of us may have heard the term ‘surveyor’ in everyday life. However, you may have a little question ‘what does surveyor mean‘. Before understanding what is meant by a surveyor, you should understand what the survey. There is some sense or definitions of the survey. First, the survey could be interpreted as an examination activities, research, assessment, and monitoring of an object that has been determined and include outdoor conditions, packaging, quality, quantity, size, identification, or other requirements that are set and the results of this activity is evidenced by published a survey report and certificate of supervision.

what does surveyor mean

what does surveyor mean

Definition of terms other survey is a task of finding and revealing the facts at the present time based on the conditions and circumstances and the nature at that time then the fact it is analyzed based on knowledge, experience, and mental in good conditions to put forth in a form of a written report that the truth be survey report.

By looking at such a notion survey, the surveyor can be defined as someone who checks or supervision and observation of some other work. When in employment, surveyor term is most often associated with the world of the field that will be the primary object in performing their duties. Surveyor can be regarded as the spearhead of an approved or not an object both in the field of financing, mapping and land size, or in other fields. many people often understand the meaning of this surveyor only by the narrow sense that the profession is also one type of profession less attractive in the community and not as popular as architect, engineer, or otherwise.

Surveyors often are identified with the world field or project. Along with the times, surveyor term is also sometimes used in the field of leasing and other service companies. The role and duties of a surveyor in this case is the same as that for the company because the surveyor will conduct a number of activities to see how the work target objects. Someone who wants to work as a surveyor should also have the knowledge, experience and mental well so they can do the job as good as possible. To get an answer the question of what does surveyor mean, you can see the following explanation.

Land Surveyor
When talking about the surveyor, it often is identified with a land surveyor. Land surveyors not only have a role as a land surveyor-working artisan using a tool shaped like a camera on a side street. This understanding must be very inaccurate because the tasks and duties of a surveyor are not limited to such activities. When you want to know about what does surveyor mean, in this case is a land surveyor, you should understand that this surveyor is a person performing work in the field of mapping. Work mapping in this case could be interpreted as an engineering and science to determine the position of a point in a 3D space and determining the distance and angle between these points carefully. The position of the point can be on the surface of the earth, in the earth, and beyond the earth to meet the goals and intent of the survey work; a surveyor should know the principles of geometry, mathematics, engineering, physics, and jurisprudence.

In the field of land surveying, there is some scope of work performed by a surveyor as boundary surveys, deformation survey, engineering survey, topographic survey, hydrographic survey, construction survey, and survey navigation. Of course, each type of survey work has varied scope. The role of land surveyor was very important in the development of the human environment. This work is a necessary requirement in the planning and execution of any construction work. Of course, there are many developments in the field of land surveying ranging from equipment used in the work up to the technology used in the mapping process. In addition, the duties and responsibilities associated with the surveyors enormous operational continuity and safety of the work is not surprised to become a surveyor also needed a certificate issued relevant agencies that demonstrate the credibility, capability, and quality.

Some of the duties of land surveyor was helping surveys and measurement and perform the preparation and depiction of field data, record and evaluate the results of measurements that have been done so as to minimize mistakes, make sure the measurement process with appropriate procedures to obtain more accurate data, overseeing the establishment of elevation in accordance with the plans, and report and is responsible for the work of the head of the project.

Leasing Surveyor
In contrast to land surveyors, leasing surveyor has three basic tasks running in parallel, namely as a field observer, field credit analyst, and field collector. Field observer seems to be a considerable task approaching the surveyor definition mentioned above. In the field of finance, field observer is responsible to observe prospective borrowers like. Furthermore, the surveyor will serve as a credit analyst field. With a variety of materials observations and hypotheses, a credit analyst field will make an analysis of prospective borrowers that later he will make a recommendation for the selection of the debtor to the committee back office. Moreover, the final task of leasing surveyor is a collector field. This task is further away from the primary task of a surveyor because he had to finish and take care of overdue debtors.

The role and duties of a surveyor is very important in the viability of a project. Although many people often do not consider the job as a surveyor as a trivial job, apparently for companies that already understand the importance of surveyors, they have a high requirement criteria and when to employ a surveyor as this will influence to projects that will run the company. Surveyor must have a certificate of quality specified by relevant agencies showed on quality, knowledge, experience, and ability to surveying so that later he could also work in accordance with the duties and responsibilities.

Although many people often identifies surveyor as trivial task, when you already understand about the discharge of duties and responsibilities of the surveyor, you will certainly see that the duties and responsibilities is not easy. In fact, the task surveyor could be interpreted as a spearhead for the success of the project to cope with. When surveyor made a mistake in mapping and analysis, it must also be an impact on the final decision later. Thus, after you a good understanding of what does surveyor mean, you should be able to see the work as a surveyor is not easy, and plays an important role