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Land Surveyor Job Description

It will be interesting for you to imagine becoming a land surveyor. Yes, it is true because a land surveyor is one of the great job, which will give you a great and bright future. Big companies will need the surveyor to make a construction, especially when they want to build a new office or building. When you have a great contract with the big companies, of course you will get high salary. It sounds interesting, isn’t? However, you need to have education before becoming the great land surveyor in your region. Here, we will talk about some details of Land Surveyor Job Description, especially when you want to look for job vacancies to continue your career. See some points of it below. I hope that it will be interesting and useful for you all.

Land Surveyor Job Description

Land Surveyor Job Description

Seeing the contract

It is important for you to see the contract before accepting kind of the job vacancies. Nowadays, it will be familiar for us to see the short contract of surveyor for the companies. Yes, companies only will contract the surveyor when they need them. It sounds terrible but the fact says as it. However, having a short contract is not a problem when you are able to do it clearly. By doing every project clearly, we are sure that you will get the high salary, as you want. In other hand, having a short contract sometimes give you kinds of benefit, especially when you have unhealthy environment. By having the short contract, of course you only need to feel your stress in the short time. It is funny but having job sometimes will give the unexpected things!

Seeing the salary

Another important thing to be considered when you want to look for the job vacancies as it is stated is the salary. Yes, it is one of the most important thing to be considered because salary will influence your life! Every surveyor wants to have high salary in doing his or her project. However, in common, the companies will give the different range of the surveyor salary. Here, you need to know the range of the salary of the surveyor. The starting salaries of the surveyor is $13,000 to $20,000. It is the basic salary of the surveyor, which you will get in your first job. Then, the salary will be increased up to $34,000 for the experienced surveyor. Then, team of surveyor in big project could get the salary up to $72,000. See, you have chance to get the high salary when you have great abilities!

Skill that is needed

Well, we arrived to talk about this matter. Yes, skill for the surveyor is one of the most important thing. To be the great surveyor, you need to have skill. Remember that the skill will influence your salary! In the job vacancy, you may see some skills that the company states. The basic skill that surveyor should have is the knowledge of safety regulation. Yes, the regulation of the safety is very important to be known because surveyor may has job under the harm situation. When the surveyor has the great knowledge in safety regulation, they are able to save their self for any risk of accident. In common, the surveyor will have the rule of regulation depend on the company.

Another skill that surveyor should have is the strong written and spoken communication. In the first paragraph, we have said that surveyor will have the big job with some deadlines. They will survey the real condition in the field and make the report after it. It means that surveyor need to have a great skill in writing. When they write the report, of course they need to make it clearly. The confusing report will make a big problem inside the project. Then, for the communication skill, in Land Surveyor Job Description you may see that surveyor will have team job desk. To have a great job with friends, of course the good spoken communication becomes an important part inside it. When you have worse communication with your team, of course the result of your job will not be maximal! You need to learn how to have good spoken communication day by day.

In other hand, a good surveyor also should have a good ability of problem solving. Remember that surveyor will have hard job to do. In doing your job with your contract, of course you will have no time to ask about anything to your senior, for example. It means that sometimes, when you find the difficult matter in accepting the project, you need to push your ability to solve it by your own. You need to be brave and be confidence with your ability. A surveyor should have a brake to take big risk. Do you have the ability of it? When you still have low confidence, you need to increase it. Join with the organization of the surveyor to increase your soft skill because when you join with the company, soft skill will be very interesting.

Still talk about the skill of the surveyor, it is also important for you to be familiar with kinds of IT skill. Yes, the IT skill is very important for the surveyor. It is true because a surveyor should import their survey to the report and they need to operate the computer in making their report. Here, the most familiar computer program that surveyor should be master is the CAD program and surveying technology. When you have a formal study, of course you will get this lecturer deeply. Increase your skill in operating the CAD program to be the special surveyor that has a great value in company’s classification.

Well, we could see based on the explanations above that there are several matters of Land Surveyor Job Description, which you need to know when you want to continue your career. Remember that company will choose the experienced surveyor that has high skill. Join with organization and do some trials to increase your skill, soft skill and get some licenses, which could be the evidence of your abilities!